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Runescape Clan War

Mr. Roboto – Runescape Style

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runescape video–How to make a youtube video

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 How to make a runescape video –Youtube runescape video guide for how to make a runescape video guide .Hope you could like it .

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runescape video

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Runescape Video
Runescape videos are a way to show off your stats or anything you are particularly good at. You can video a game in castle wars, getting 99 woodcutting, or Runescape pking. If you are close to achieving a new level in fishing, then why not make a Runescape video of it to show your friends?

What Should I Make a Runescape Video of?
You can make a video about anything on Runescape, but it should really be something, which would interest the person watching it. The more exciting the video, the better feedback you will get from it! To you, fishing lobsters may be exhilarating, for others it may be like watching paint dry. Try and find the right balance of qualities. There should be enough excitement in the video to hook the viewer, so he/she doesn’t go elsewhere. Some good things to video on Runescape are listed below:

Runescape mini games, like castle wars, the duel arena and fight pits.
Runescape pking videos are the most popular Runescape videos.
Achievements, a way to remember your finest moment on Runescape.
Any funny glitches that you notice tend to make good funny Runescape videos.
Showing off your Runescape items or skills, but don’t be big headed about it.
Some things to avoid videoing are:

Random skills, like chopping trees for 10 minutes…
Wandering around Runescape.
Anything else that would be boring for people to watch.

How Do Get Footage for my Runescape Video?
Well there are other sites, which have free downloadable videoing utilities but the most popular are Hypercam and Camtasia. Hypercam is totally free, plus you can use it for as long as you like. It doesn’t run out after time. Make sure you read the tips so that Hypercam records perfectly, you may need to change some computer settings. Camtasia is free but you only have a certain amount of time until the free trial runs out.

Runescape Video Editing
To edit your Runescape video you can try using the popular program, windows moviemaker. You can open your recorded files there and have it as a time line, which can be changed, effects can be added, music can be added etc.

When you have edited your Runescape video you can watch it on Windows Movie Maker and see if it is a success, or if it looks bad. If it looks bad then the unwanted part can be removed. There is a big selection of special effects that you can add at will.

If you feel unhappy about your video’s length then you can reduce it easily, or even add some more clips to the timeline by copy and pasting. Music can be merged so that there are no gaps between songs.

Runescape videos should contain an opening section, where you introduce yourself and the name of the video.

Hosting Your Video
There are lots of sites on the Internet that will upload your videos, for others to view. You can choose whether you want your video to be downloaded, or accessible on the site. For example, a site like Youtube hosts videos for free and people don’t need to save/open the file. They can view the video there and then. Sites like Megaupload and Rapidshare host videos for free, but you have to open/save the video to your computer before watching.

The quality of the video uploading sites differs. If you download a video, then the quality will be much better than if you just play it on the site. Certain people may not like downloading videos, whereas others may prefer better quality so its your choice. It is advisable to give more than one link, so viewers can choose themselves whether they want to download or not.

Sites for uploading your video are:

YouTube – No download
PutFile – No download
RapidShare – Download
MegaUpload – Download

Risks of Downloading Videos
When downloading a video, make sure the file is a .WMV (windows movie video) so you know that it doesn’t contain a virus, which could harm your computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD .EXE files. These are usually malicious files so do not download them, and certainly do not open them without scanning them first.

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